One Mexican law firm is making it possible to give the “gift” of divorce.

According to, Mexican law firm Abogados Postulantes en Sociedad hopes to convince the public that divorce doesn’t have to be difficult with its Libera Pass divorce gift card — a marketing tool to promote their new online divorce service.

“We want to remove the label stuck on divorce as being complicated, bureaucratic and costly, and to make it as easy as going to a supermarket and buying a card,” Arturo Ortiz, operations director of the campaign, said in an interview with Spanish news agency EFE.

The cards, which customers can purchase for themselves or for a friend, are available online or in the supermarket for 200 pesos ($15.70), which is later deducted from the final bill for the divorce, according to EFE.

But the card only gets you so far; before the online proceedings can begin, a user account must be created and loaded with 5,000 pesos ($392) plus the VAT — the cost of the express divorce service. Then, the client submits a petition and documentation, attends a family court hearing, and waits for the divorce decree at home.

Marketed with the slogan “Tu nuevo inicio” (Your New Start) since its launch last month, the four-step service takes three to four months on average, EFE reported. The law firm provides a money back guarantee if a divorce isn’t granted!

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