Top 10 Things to Do Before Getting a Divorce. Free Report

1. Consider all options- counseling, mediation.

2. Consult with an a family law attorney, we can help (225)706-3333

3. Obtain and make copies of pay stubs, tax returns, retirement account statements, bank statements, car titles, real estate documents, insurance policies, and a credit report. Make those copies outside the home.

4. Make an inventory of your family possessions- use a camera or video camera.

5. Establish yourself. Get your own credit and source of funds. Open a new checking and savings account in your name along with a Post Office Box in your name alone.

6. Know your finances. Find out exactly how much your spouse earns and know your household budget and expenses. Also, make a realistic appraisal of your earning potential along with managing any debt.

7. Obtain a copy of any prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement or any other legal documents that you may have signed.

8. Gather any evidence that may have contributed to your marriage ending.

9. Get prepared to talk about the details of your marriage and custody arrangements.

10. Stress levels can be high, make sure your kids are your first priority while taking care of yourself too.

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