What to do if you’ve been arrested for a DUI. Free Report

1. Take the matter seriously. This can follow you for the rest of your life and could cost you thousands of dollars if you get arrested again.

2. If your license is taken away, you need to prepay for an SR-22 endorsement to your policy. Your insurance company must notify the Division in advance, if you do not maintain your insurance.

3. Hire an attorney with reasonable, predictable fees. Call us (225) 706-3333

4. Obtain a temporary license and request a hearing at the DMV within 15 days if your license was taken when you failed or refused to take an alcohol test.

5. Do not drive after your license has been suspended.

6. Subpoena the officer to be present at your motor vehicle hearing. This ensures that the hearing will not be based on the officer’s report only.

7. Make the State prove it’s case by not taking the District Attorney’s first offer.

8. Make sure you appear in Court.

9. Don’t talk to anyone but your attorney about the case.

10. Don’t assume that talking to numerous attorneys will help you handle it on your own. You need to have an attorney in Court with you.

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