Accidents and Injuries

The Brouillette Law Firm and our team of Louisiana personal injury lawyers are built on customer service and professionalism. We know what our clients are going through after an accident—bills pile up for car repairs, hospital visits, doctor visits and household services, and working is sometimes impossible. It can be a lot to deal with. Our job is to make sure clients get as much money needed to cover these costs so they can focus on healing.

You Are Our Priority

We are devoted to providing clients with excellent, innovative legal representation. Customer service and constant communication are more than goals—they are our commitments to you. When you hire the Brouillette Law Firm , you have our promise to treat you as we would want to be treated in your situation. Our Louisiana personal injury lawyers strive to help all our clients get the medical care, recovery assistance, and compensation they deserve.

The personal injury area of the Brouillette Law Firm can help you with your legal needs including:

The Brouillette Law Firm has successfully represented clients who have been injured at the hands of negligent third parties, including cases involving medical malpractice and automobile accidents.We have represented injured clients throughout the years in Louisiana.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Law Firm

If you or a family member suffers a personal injury the Brouillette Law Firm can help. It is vital that you contact a personal injury law firm before discussing the case with anyone. Whether you have been subjected to medical malpractice, involved in an auto accident, or injured by a defective product, Mr. Brouillette has the expertise to assist you in recoverin your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and physical damages caused by someone else’s negligence. Although monetary damages will not restore the physical or emotional state you had before the injury, it will help ease the financial burden that such injuries place on you and your family. The goal of the Brouillette Law Firm is to make you as whole as possible following a personal injury.

If a person is negligently or intentionally killed by another, family members (such as children or a spouse) of the deceased person may have a claim for wrongful death damages, including compensation for financial damages and loss of companionship. Contact personal injury law firm in Baton Rouge, the Brouillette Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case. (225) 706-3333


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