We understand your business focus is on managing the day-to-day operations and growing your business. In addition to business organization and business transaction work, we provide legal services dedicated to protecting your rights.

Located in Baton Rouge, the lawyers at The Brouillette Law Firm represent business creditors, including banks or other financial institutions throughout Louisiana. Much of our success is due to our ability to provide cost-effective legal services without sacrificing quality. Our team of attorneys has experience in representing businesses and business owners in creditor rights issues.

Our creditor rights work allows you the peace of mind to focus your efforts on other aspects of your business.

Our Creditor Rights Services

We represent and protect creditors in a variety of legal matters and commercial transactions, including the following creditor rights services:

  • Foreclosure on real estate and movable goods
  • UCC security interest enforcement
  • Mortgage foreclosure

Enforcement of security interest

  • Collection of debts
  • Business litigation

To obtain information about how we can help you protect your business and security interests or to discuss your creditor rights matter with an experienced Louisiana business lawyer, please schedule a confidential consultation by calling us at

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