Experienced Louisiana Divorce Lawyers

We know that each divorce is unique and as such, requires the full attention of an experienced family law attorney.

The end of a marriage can be a stressful and emotional situation. We can guide you through the divorce process efficiently and effectively. The attorneys at The Brouillette Law Firm have years of experience helping our clients through their divorce, and we will make certain that you understand the steps that we will to take to address your needs.

Family law matters can carry great emotional and psychological impact. Therefore, we believe that a family attorney must be sensitive, responsive, and compassionate at all times.

At The Brouillette Law Firm, we also understand that the high costs of legal services can be a burden during difficult times. That’s why we offer convenient payment options and reasonable hourly rates.

We can assist you with all aspects of your divorce, whether uncontested or complex. Some of the incidental matters you may encounter when going through a divorce are:

  • Custody
  • Community Property
  • Spousal Support/ Child Support
  • Restraining Orders and Protective Orders
  • Relocation
  • Military Issues
  • Legal Name Change


From simple, uncontested divorce to complex cases involving challenging division of property issues, such as retirement accounts and 401Ks, we are experienced in all aspects of divorce. We can work with you if you are able to reach a settlement and resolve all of your differences amicably. We are also here to fight for you when litigation is the only option.

Our philosophy is to look for the most cost-effective and efficient resolution. We understand that you do not want to spend a lot of time and money on a divorce. Our lawyers will provide you with all of the options available. We will learn about your needs and guide you toward the options that are most effective in meeting them. We are caring, compassionate attorneys who are willing to work hard to help you through this.

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